June 22, 2010

And here we go…



UNO Magazine 7th Anniversary


And Turbo Goth at Al’s Bar for Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Night.

Last Sunday – June 14 2010, I received a text message asking me if I would possibly be interested in teaching Art History to College Students at The One School in Makati. At first I was a bit sketchy about it. I never really considered teaching anytime soon but, Why not? I LOVE Art History and I believe it is essential for an artist to KNOW it. Class started on Wednesday (June 16) and I met a few of my students then and met the rest of them on Friday (June 18). Friday (June 18), I did the orientation for my class, and taught our first lesson – Prehistoric Art. The night before this, of course, I was up all night organizing the lessons.

The day started early, and ended late. From school in Makati, I had a meeting and errands to do back in Ortigas, then had to run back home to change for the 1930’s Themed Uno Magazine 7th Anniversary. I was one of the “7 Best UNO Cover Girls” for that night. :) The skirt I was planning to wear was too thin so I ended up wearing one of my Turbo Goth attires. Good thing I had a red 1930’s hat so I brought it with me. On our way, there was alot of traffic so we just relaxed and listened to music. My iPod was on shuffle and the “soundtrack” that played for the night was lovely. I remember that “Shooting Star” by Bag Raiders, “Up On Melancholy Hill” by Gorillaz, “Halfmast” by Empire of the Sun, “Panahon Nanaman” by Rivermaya played, then “100,000 Fireflies” by The Magnetic Fields (my faaavorite) and “Moonriver” by Morrissey  (also my favorite) played just as we were parking. The Party was held at The Manila Contemporary Art Gallery in Pasong Tamo Extn, Makati. When we got there it was nice to see some of my friends, like Kat (from the band “Sinosikat”), Norman, Juan, Ana, and Mayone. Kat sang some jazz songs and of course it was lovely. After a while, The other “best cover girls” and I had to ramp and pose for pictures, so we did.  (More photos here:

We left the venue right after the “ramp/pose-for-pictures” thing.

The night ended late because we had fun in the car, but at least instead of going to the after party at ‘Member’s Only’ we decided to continue hanging out at my flat instead.

The next morning I had to wake up early because we had to come take my best friend’s younger brother to get his braces fixed in the South. The drive there was fun but on our way back we all fell asleep in the car. When we got near home-base, we stopped by Eastwood to get some food. I had some coffee to wake me up because after we dropped off my best friend’s younger sister and little brother, we had to rush back to the Ortigas to get ready and change for the gig which was all the way down South again! The gig was for Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Night at Al’s Bar and we were excited. So, we got ready and set, and on the way out of the house we accidentally locked ourselves out of the house. Brilliant.

Mr. 9 was already waiting for us at his house because he was going to jam with us on Hysteric, Gold Lion, and Maps, and before the gig, we had to do a quick jam-through the songs that we were going to play! Hahaha, No worries! In times of trouble the best thing to do is just be chill and not worry too much. Hehe. We broke the door knob, bought a new one at the shopping center near us and had it fixed immediately. Then it was off to Mr. 9’s place. The run-through was good and the set at Al’s bar was GREAT. Also, our friend Dax from the band, Paranoid City, jammed with us during Maps! Thanks Dax \m/. We were also happy that our Friends from The Bernadettes came to watch us. Plenty of fun and Good Vibes. Nothing and No one could dampen the party. We had so much fun just like we should. Thanks9. The set ended with Paolo running out of the bar, leaving me “dead” on the floor. DO MORE. BE MORE. ;)


German Frank 1


German Frank 2


My Flat


The Stairs


Neighbor’s Flat


The Pizza


My Mug


Food For Thought – Why Not?

One of the days from Last week I wake up to my band-mate setting up the table. He brought in Lunch! One of the best Hotdogs I have ever had. It looked so nice I just had to take a photograph of it. Unfortunately, The battery from the camera died so I had to re-charge it for a couple of minutes (Slow-Elevator-Music-Plays-in-Head) hehehe. It was yummie. I had a German Frank with mustard topped with caramelized vegetables & melted cheddar cheese. The other Hotdog was a German Frank with mustard, topped with caramelized vegetables and bbq-sauce. When I asked how and why he suddenly craved for Hotdogs, he defensively answered: “Nothing!” But when I opened my laptop, there were four tabs of different food blogs on the topic-Hotdog. (rolls eyes) LOL :)

I love how one of my friends is also my neighbor. I can go up and bug her anytime I want!
(Aimee, you agreed to this before I moved in!Hehe)
Sometime last week, I read her tweet saying “Pizza is coming”… and then after a while a tweet saying “Pizza’s here!”
Of course, naturally, I lose consciousness,turn into a zombie-like state of mind, and my legs automatically move in the direction to where my body is magnetized… -Towards the smell of pizza.

I have a roll (of the new kind of pizza from Yellow cab) and have some freshly brewed coffee. In my home there are two things I do not own. One, a T.V., and two, a refrigerator. How do I survive? One, I have tons of DVDs for night time, and two, I leave my coffee beans with my neighbor, In her refrigerator. This is good for the both of us because it gives us a reason to hang out, and have coffee together at least once a week. On the days that I do not drink brewed coffee, I drink green tea with honey.

I love my coffee cup. It says: “Hot and Fresh – Five Cents – Best coffee!” :)
The end.

Unpretentious Espanya

June 20, 2010

As I promised… Manila.

On my way to a gig at Sazi’s Bar one night, many memories came to mind. Sazi’s Bar (which used to be named Mayric’s before) was just along the road of  the school i used to go to: the University of Sto. Tomas in Manila.
I remember how I used to drive myself to school everyday all the way from Marikina. It used to be, more or less, a two hour drive. Sometimes the drive occured when the day was just about to break, sometimes in the middle of the day under the hot sun, sometimes in the evening, and sometimes in the evening rain. Four years of one’s life with a two hour trip to school and back really allows one to familiarize oneself with one’s surroundings.

I remember how I would almost always be late for class when the class was scheduled early in the morning, and I’d have to speed up, cut cars, change lanes and beat red lights.
When I was in college, it’s safe to say my driving skills were fit for professional race car diver!(-or jeepney driver/taxi driver here in the Philippines. Hehehe)

I remember some of my favorite CDs that would accompany me during my trip. I would play “Ok Computer” by Radiohead, sometimes “Diorama” by Silverchair, I would play AIR lots of times, I remember mornings going up the hill from Marikina listening to “Blind” album by the Sundays (Beautiful memory there) I had a CD of my favorite indie songs compiled, I had a CD of my favorite trip hop songs compiled too. :) I had fun driving apart from my “student-artist” life back then, this was another piece of me, the “student-artist-driver”.

I have so many memories in manila. -The houses, the streets, the polluted air, the dirt, the grime, the crimes, the walls, tunnels, buildings and lifestyle. I learned alot from my school and I learned more from my surroundings… witnessing and dealing with people and situations, exposure to poverty and danger, and to kids on the streets.
But this is the Philippines. We are a third world country and it is REAL.

Now, I don’t want to go on too much about Manila. Let’s leave some space left for your own experiences. I just want to express the realization that – it was the perfect place for me to have studied. And I loved every minute of it, even if some of the experiences may have been unpleasant at times. But, that’s life… and the beauty of it is that I learned so much about art in the faces of the simple people, just trying to get by and doing what they got to do. Yes, here and there there were children running around with no shoes or slippers on, and their clothes full of holes and dirt. At first it is sad, but when you really look, you see the smiles they have, playing with toys that they created on their own, and making the most of what they have. :) Art is truth, love, and magic.

But it is ALWAYS worth it.

Hello! The past few days have been very fun.

Let me tell you about gigs this week.

First The Pictures:

Turbo Goth at HARD ROCK CAFE, Greenbelt, Makati City


Turbo Goth at Sazi’s Bar, Espanya – Manila


Turbo Goth at Route 196, Katipunan Extn., Quezon City


(Hooray for Digital Cameras and Technology! It’s so easy to take note of memories and experiences nowadays. Back when I was in High-School, I kept a diary.)

I tell you about my gigs this week. We had 3 different gigs at 3 very different locations.


First Location – Hard Rock Cafe!

It was our very first time to play at Hard Rock. The place was as it always has been. I remember watching bands play at Hard Rock but I had never thought that I would one day play there.

It will not be the last time we go there. We had fun. It was awesome. – I need not say more. It was Hard Rock. \m/

The line up for Hard Rock was: The Dorques, The Bernadettes, Kenyo, [Turbo Goth], and Stella Maris. – A very funny line up for that evening. *wink*


Second up… SAZI’s Bar. Sazi’s Bar is located on Espanya in Manila. It was previously known as Mayric’s but the name has changed. Again, I remember going to Mayric’s (now known as Sazi’s) when I was in College. My building (CFAD) in UST (the University of Sto. Tomas) was just across the street from it.  Mayrics (Sazi’s) was known for being the place where almost all known bands played in when they were first starting) *smiles*

The ride there was a trip. I found myself reminiscing College. Manila is Beautiful. It’s a perfect place for an artist to catch inspiration. The old Spanish buildings with ghosts of memories of a time when the Philippines was colonized; Melancholic and Romantic. I took many pictures, I will be definitely sure to share the photos soon. Perhaps in my next blog entry. *smiles*

Sazi’s Bar was cozy, if you don’t mind a bar with strong character. I love how the walls and ceilings had many textures which look lovely in photographs. I’m a sucker for things with textures and character.

Allan invited us to play (thank you) for Buzz Night. Rene’s band went first. I enjoyed watching them, I think it was their first gig. They were really good. We played next after them. It was our second time to play at Sazi’s. I wish I could have stayed to watch the rest of the bands. Splendid line up: Haydeys, Candyaudioline, Soft Pillow Kisses, Pinstriped, Rebels, Kings and Pawns, Phantom Sizemore, She Never Forgets, [Turbo Goth]. One of my loves is indie music. I used to own a Mutual Admiration CD and play it over and over in my car. Paolo, my bandmate, gave it to me in 2007 during the first week we were getting to know each other. He knew I liked Indie-Pop and Shoegaze and said I’d like that CD – and he was right.

We had to leave, though, because we had another gig to catch at Route 196.


ROUTE 196 is one of my favorite bars to play at. It’s located along Katipunan Extn, Quezon City. I always feel comfortable playing there because we do play there often. Route 196 has witnessed Turbo Goth’s musical evolution and growth. (HeeHee I feel silly when I talk about Turbo Goth’s “early years”. LOL! We have only been a band for two years, I don’t can’t imagine what I’d feel like 10 years from now, talking about Turbo Goth’s “early years” LOL again!)

Anyway, our set went well. We didn’t get to catch the bands that played before us, but I’m sure they rocked it. Bands that played for that evening: Marty McFly, Blast Ople,  Tether, Paranoid City, The Shocking Details, Identikit, and [Turbo Goth]. (Thank you, Joe, for inviting us.)


Sometimes being a musician is not as glamorous as some people think. I have great respect for fellow musicians that still do gigs for the love despite factors that may seem impractical for others. Music is one of the arts meant for sharing, it is a universal thing that brings people together, it’s something that we appreciate, celebrate and enjoy.

Hmmm… Something I’ve been thinking about: Some people choose an occupation that will make them financially secure, but they aren’t happy with what they do. Some people choose to do what they want, but income is never stable.  It’s is never easy and never has been, there’s a catch to both stories and it’s just a matter of choosing one. Some try to balance them, and to those who do, then great. But I think the best advice I gave to myself and I give to my friends is to “follow your heart” – yes, cheesy. I know, but, think about it…

Whatever makes us happy in this short life we live, eh? ;-)

It has never been easy and never will be. Might as well make it worth it.

So… There. I better wrap things up! Thank you for your time. \m/

Peace and Respect always… Ciao! :-)

The other day, I wore my DESTINED-TO-EVOLVE shirt.
The day went by pretty smoothly. I was up the previous night writing about my Sunday, that as predicted,
my Monday was sleepy. I took a short nap in the morning and woke up at about lunch time.
For lunch, all that was left was the dry part of the delicious fired chicken.
My bandmate, Paolo, ate all the good parts.LOL Ketchup saves the day again.

It drizzled a bit, which was cool, to help regulate the heat on the streets.
When the rain stopped, I took a short walk around -as my shirt silently suggested.
(Destined-To-Evolve used to be named Tribe-Wander-Lust.)

And so I wandered…

Now, when you are a kid, you see in cartoons or in funny movies, that to demolish a building,

there’s a big wrecking-ball that comes up to it, (sometimes with a person still living in it, or sitting in it) then the big black ball takes a swing. Now I never really thought about it; how to demolish a building until I actually saw my first building-to-be-demolished.
It’s hard to believe that up until the other day, I actually DID think that to demolish a building,
it was straight up: wrecking-ball comes… black ball attached to string smashes… bulding gone!

In reality that is NOT how you take a building apart. LOL! (I burst your bubble.)
They take out everything first… (Toilets, Metal, Exhaust passageways…)

It makes perfect sense.

The end. :)

Sundae Sunday

June 6, 2010

It’s 3:00AM of Monday and I haven’t gone to bed yet.

I figure before I end my day it’s only fair to write about Sunday.

The day played out as I hoped for. It was lovely. I always hope everyday is lovely. I spent Sunday at a little farm in the Province of Bulacan (Philippines). For lunch we had Paella. Paella is a rice dish colored and flavored with saffron and topped with a variety of meats, seafood and vegetables. It originated in Spain, particularly the fields of a region called Valencia in eastern Spain. Paella came to be a famous dish adopted by Filipinos, with further modifications that depended on the availability of ingredients and taste. My band-mate and partner-in-crime was the Chef for the day with his delicious rice dish. For dessert I had a giant slice of chocolate cake.

The day went about stress-free. We sat in the shade under the mango tree. After a while, I couldn’t help but hear a faint chirping sound, with the chirping volume increasing as it approached me. For a second, I remembered my care-free childhood when I used to play with baby chicks. I looked behind me and there they were – Mother Chicken and the baby chicks family. It was fascinating for me to be experiencing that feeling again. They were so cute!

Before the day ended I took a little walk around… I love how nature is so inspiring. It’s healthy for a person to take a break from the city once in a while to breathe fresh air and recharge your sense of being. The vast rice fields and mountains in the horizon were cinematic. Children were running around off in the distance, chasing and being chased by nothing, and they were laughing. The glare of webs dancing through the grass of fresh land was like a ballet of silver strings as the sun started to set.

On the drive back to the city, I remember watching the night take over before I dozed off for a nap.

“Up on Melancholy Hill” by Gorillaz was the song playing on my ipod.

I will have a sleepy Monday later. Hehehe. Goodnight!


P.S. Look at all the beautiful things still left around you and be happy. :)

Sunday’s Daze

June 6, 2010

I slowly woke up to the sound of  “Postcards From Italy” by Beirut which had playing on my shuffled play-list. My room was glowing white as the light filtered through my white curtains, and my skin was a bit chilly because the rain has been pacing himself for the past couple of days. I pulled the bed-sheet over my arms to warm myself up before I rose.

I open the window of my room and welcome the weather. Sat back down staring out at the leaves of the tree responsible for my fresh air, completing the song with the next song up next yet to surprise me.

… I know today will be beautiful. :)

Hello world!

June 5, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!